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We are pleased to invite you to partner with Riverside City College as a sponsor for the Second Annual RCC President’s Dinner. Funds raised in this premier event benefit the college’s programs and students. You’re a leader in our community who understands the importance and impact of giving back, so we really hope you will consider supporting the College and this event.

The RCC President’s Dinner will be hosted by our college president Dr. Gregory Anderson on Thursday, November 7, 2019 beginning at 5:30 pm at the Riverside Convention Center. The event will feature special recognition of The Community Foundation as the recipient of the RCC Legacy Award. This award is presented to an individual or organization who has contributed significantly to the college and broader community, and whose work aligns with RCC’s core mission and values.

In addition to honoring the Legacy Award recipient, the evening will showcase students who have excelled in their studies, honor the College and the District Alumni of the Year, and provide an opportunity for President Anderson to unveil his vision for the institution in the coming years.

We hope we can count on you as a partner and sponsor for this very special event. Sponsoring the event is an opportunity for you and your firm to connect with other community leaders and support students in their pursuit of a college education. Your sponsorship, received through the RCCD Foundation (a nonprofit 501c3 organization), is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more information or to confirm your sponsorship, contact the RCC President’s Office at (951) 222-8804. Thank you for supporting RCC, and see you at the event in November!

Event Location

The Riverside Convention Center

3637 Fifth Street, Riverside, CA 92501 


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2019 President's Dinner tickets are avaliable to be purchased through the District's secure payment system.

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Dr. Gregory Anderson, Riverside City College president, invites the community to sponsor the 2019 President’s Dinner. The event is chance for businesses to market their businesses while supporting the student scholarship fund. A sponsorship received through the RCCD Foundation (a nonprofit 501c3 organization) is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Thank you for transforming students' lives.